Care Centres: We have first care centre in Istanbul.

Day Care Centres: The first one opened in Istanbul. The branches, mainly Ankara and Izmir are preparing centres.

Support Groups: We have caregiver support groups in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Information/Advice: We have office in Istanbul. Executive Director and secretary give the needed information and advice.

Leaflets/Booklets: We prepare materials in Turkish.

Bulletin and Books: We are distributing to the members two times a year.

Education and Training: We are training caregivers, health professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers)

TV & Media Campaigns: Free phone telephone helpline.

World Alzheimer’s Day Activities: We are organizing activities for a month

  • TV and media programmes
  • Neswpaper interviews
  • Leaflets and bulletin
  • Picture exhibition
  • Education programme

 Social Activities: Concerts, exhibitions, theatre, movies and other campaigns.

 Web-site: We are now updating on the internet.

 Medical Research.